Charlelie, Les Statuts de sa liberté


AUTHOR : Véronique Buson AND Sylvain Pierrel
DIRECTOR : Véronique Buson et Sylvain Pierrel
DURATION : 54 min
DISTRIBUTORS : France 3 Lorraine, Vosges Télévision
YEAR : 2011


CharlElie is an artist who defines himself as “multistep”. After having done the fine arts in Nancy, he gets noticed in the song and explodes with “Like a plane without wing”. His career is launched, he is recognized as a singer and musician. Only CharlElie is also a painter, photographer, sculptor, designer, he is a complete artist. Artist with a big A. This is certainly his point of view. He’s been fighting for 30 years now so he will not be stuck in a small box. The box “singer”, the box “photographer”, the box “poet” … etc … No! Only one box does not correspond to his work. But in France we do not hear it that way. Moreover, if we look at the definition of artist we can read: “Artist: the one who cultivates an art, who practices one of the fine arts. “. A question arises: Can we cultivate several arts? And if so, what is the word for defining such a multiple artist? Charlel decided to leave France 7 years ago and start all over New York. A crazy bet to get rid of this

Narrow vision that prevented him from being an artist recognized for his arts. He will be our guide to understand a singular approach, unusual in an artistic world where it is important to be defined.